Where we train - Xavier Gomez - Style Gym Norwich

EMS Fitness Studio

Located in central Norwich on King Street, we offer the perfect location for you to get fit and stay healthy!

The personal trainers at the EMS Fitness Studio are trained to teach a certain fitness method and we are educated in the science behind the exercise, raising the standard above other personal trainers you can find in large gyms.

At the EMS Studio we give you the motivation and individualised attention that will make exercising more effective and efficient, helping you with any adaptations you might need. We also take time to learn about your diet and lifestyle and help with a nutrition plan to complement your exercise routine.

Choosing us holds you accountable for the training sessions you book and you are more likely to stay on track and reach goals when you have the extra support from our team.

Our specialised classes are held in small groups providing a more friendly and connected atmosphere. This creates a community where clients get to know and care for each other, developing a strong motivational and supportive system.


In a park, in your neighborhood, alongside the river, etc.  Every place is possible to do a good training session outdoors and you can enjoy a wonderful environment.

Thanks to my training methods you will achieve the same benefits as working out in a gym; with TRX, kettlebells, elastic bands, exercise balls, bossu balls, skipping rope and various bodyweight exercises. It will be a dynamic, fun and effective workout. The only limitation is your stamina!!!!

Personal training in the comfort of your own home:

If you want comfort, exclusivity and excellent service I can visit you at home. Benefits of having a Personal Training session at home is as effective as working out in a gym – whatever your personal aims are, to lose weight, tone up or simply to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, I can adapt the exercises to suit you.

Within your company:

More and more companies are hiring this service: contracting a personal trainer for your employees is the best way to motivate them.  Doing physical exercise creates endorphins, removes stress, keeps you fit and helps prevent diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis etc.

By hiring a personal trainer and encouraging your employees to exercise reduces unnecessary sick leave, keeps your employees motivated, and will increase the productivity of the company. Training can be in large groups, small groups or individuals.