Scientific studies and the experience of some of our customers demonstrate that comprehensive EMS training is the perfect complement for experienced athletes. People who have been training for a long time are getting less result even if they do more training, something called “decreasing performance law.” In their case, the exercise they usually perform is no longer the stimulus that was at the beginning. The increase in the volume of training they need to be able to continue improving can result in injuries and dangerous overloads.

With Miha Bodytec in EMS Fitness Norwich we can stimulate your body in the most intense way without having to increase the volume of work (even lower it), thus avoiding possible injuries. This is one of several reasons why many elite athletes like Usain Bolt train with Miha Bodytec.

Training in different areas of strength, speed, and endurance normally consumes a lot of time and energy. All of these training goals can be achieved with this highly effective and time-saving method at EMS Fitness Norwich.

Muscular strength plays an important role as the basis of performance. High performance is only possible with great muscle stability, but it is very difficult to stabilize the deep muscles with conventional methods. The EMS Fitness Norwich system manages to train in a highly effective way when simultaneously activating all the muscles, saving a considerable amount of time.

Joint stress is avoided and potential muscle imbalances are reduced. The training can be combined with dynamic movements, even specific sports –  golf clubs, rackets, balls etc. There is no longer a strict need to separate general strength training, and training more specific performance, which is associated with exhaustion, stress and risk of injury.

While conventional methods only allow maximum performance by increasing strength, EMS training also improves the speed of movement – even in elite athletes – without much load on the passive system of skeletal muscle. Electric impulses especially control fast muscle fibers directly.

If the goal is to reach higher, further or faster, the EMS Fitness Norwich system is the most effective.


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