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Scientific studies and the experience of some of our customers demonstrate that comprehensive EMS training is the perfect complement for experienced athletes. People who have been training for a long time are getting less result even if they do more training, something called “decreasing performance law.” In their case, the exercise they usually perform is no longer the stimulus that was at the beginning. The increase in the volume of training they need to be able to continue improving can result in injuries and dangerous overloads.

With Miha Bodytec in EMS Fitness Norwich we can stimulate your body in the most intense way without having to increase the volume of work (even lower it), thus avoiding possible injuries. This is one of several reasons why many elite athletes like Usain Bolt train with Miha Bodytec.

Training in different areas of strength, speed, and endurance normally consumes a lot of time and energy. All of these training goals can be achieved with this highly effective and time-saving method at EMS Fitness Norwich.

Muscular strength plays an important role as the basis of performance. High performance is only possible with great muscle stability, but it is very difficult to stabilize the deep muscles with conventional methods. The EMS Fitness Norwich system manages to train in a highly effective way when simultaneously activating all the muscles, saving a considerable amount of time.

Joint stress is avoided and potential muscle imbalances are reduced. The training can be combined with dynamic movements, even specific sports –  golf clubs, rackets, balls etc. There is no longer a strict need to separate general strength training, and training more specific performance, which is associated with exhaustion, stress and risk of injury.

While conventional methods only allow maximum performance by increasing strength, EMS training also improves the speed of movement – even in elite athletes – without much load on the passive system of skeletal muscle. Electric impulses especially control fast muscle fibers directly.

If the goal is to reach higher, further or faster, the EMS Fitness Norwich system is the most effective.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in Norwich

Improve your strength and endurance with our

High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT Class in Norwich


Whether you generally exercise or not, this innovative exercise routine works  several muscle groups at once and is the perfect solution to improve your health.  Xavier Gomez Personal Training has a complete HIIT programme designed for you, find out more about it!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is characterised by short periods of intense exercise with a rest in between; which is scientifically demonstrated to be more effective than conventional endurance exercises.

Not only does it outperform conventional cardio as the most effective and efficient form of exercise, it also gives you other benefits, such as promoting human growth hormone (HGH), also known as “Fitness hormone or exercise hormone.”

The best reason for choosing this method of exercise is that it doesn’t take long! Compared to several hours each week of conventional training, a session of HIIT only takes 30 minutes.

Personal Training, Small Group Training and HIIT Class at Xavier Gomez Fitness in Norwich

Some people might feel apprehensive of HIIT method because they think that it’s too intense for them but HIIT should be personal and an individual challenge, YOU decide your own limits.  It is not too imitate professionals sports people, athletes or Ninja Warriors!  Well programmed HIIT can give you a healthy lifestyle and prevents future illnesses

Who can benefit from Xavier Gomez Fitness HIIT? Everyone! We provide short and intense sessions!

  • People who have little time to exercise
  • People who are in good shape who want to complement their daily workouts or their sports
  • People who want to lose weight by boosting their metabolism

The sessions are dynamic – exercises change weekly but based on body weight circuits, TRX, step, medical balls, Kettlebells, resistance bands , ropes  – fun and effective!

Join our HIIT class on Saturdays from 10:45am to 11:30am. Free taster session.  Telephone Style Health and Fitness to reserve your place!

Prenatal & Postnatal Training with XG

Today, experts agree it’s important to keep moving: Pregnant women who exercise have less back pain, more energy, a better body image and, post-delivery, a faster return to their pre-pregnancy shape.


The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you to cope with labour and get back into shape after the birth.


Exercise is not dangerous for your baby – there is some evidence that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour.


At Xavier Gomez Fitness, training with professionals, our clients learn specific exercises within a tailor made programme and we can teach gentle exercises giving you confidence to continue your workout at home. We focus on three main exercises; stomach-strengthening exercises, pelvic tilt exercises and pelvic floor exercises. Work, patience, time and effort are the ingredients to avoid the possibility of postnatal depression and, at the same time, keep fit. Postnatal training will help you improve your energy levels and, of course, your self-esteem.


From 4 or 6 weeks after labour, and if there are no complications, your body will be ready to return to full functionality.  At Xavier Gomez Fitness we organise postnatal training sessions through one-hour sessions twice a week.  We target on improving muscle imbalances or stresses, which were causes by the change in centre of gravity, and help your body recovery quickly from abrupt weight loss.


Listen to your body, consult our specialist and recover your figure after giving birth, training with the best team, Xavier Gomez Fitness!


Nutritional consultation

Request your first nutritional consultation

At Xavier Gomez Fitness we aim to improve health and physical performance through a giving nutritional advice and daily physical activity.

To achieve this, we advise to eat real food and as natural as possible!  We believe in food rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, quality proteins, healthy fats and fiber. Fresh and seasonal products, which have been minimally processed giving our body what it really needs to stay healthy and strong.

A growing number of people currently base their diets on packaged foods with large amounts of chemicals, additives, bad fats, sugar, processed products without any nutrients.

In fact, coupled with poor physical activity, daily stress and lack of sleep is contributing to the loss of health of the general population, and increasing a large number of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cholesterol and cancer.

Our main goal is to provide nutritional education to our clients to help them develop healthy habits that are maintained over time. This will improve their health by helping them steer clear of getting certain diseases, as well as helping our clients achieve a healthy weight which they feel confident to maintain.

During the nutrition consultation, we advise the client on the most appropriate foods, uncover the truth about fad diets, prepare a weekly menu, provide healthier options and recipes related to what you generally like eating.  We give our clients confidence when choosing the healthiest option for any event, holiday or any situation in their day to day lifestyle.

We try to explain nutrition from a simple and easy point of view, banishing certain preconceived myths and ideas.

The area of nutrition encompasses all stages of life, from children, adolescents, seniors, pregnant women, athletes adapting in each case the diet to individual needs and requirements.

At Xavier Gomez Fitness, we begin with a dietary review to see how food is aiding your energy throughout the day and contributing to your overall levels of health.

Alongside our understanding of how the body breaks down different types of food, we provide you with sets of small challenges to get you towards that all-important lifestyle change.

Now you know more about the Xavier Gomez Fitness approach to nutrition, get in touch to see how much you can benefit from our advice!

The Future of Fitness – EMS

Personal traning Norwich

What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation and what are the benefits?

Electro Stimulation in the fitness industry is the new revolutionary method of training that is creating a sensation across Europe: in just a 20 minute session of intense training you work your entire body and it is the perfect complement to the gym or outdoor workouts. But how does it work? We will explain what happens in your body and the benefits…

Where does Electrical Muscle Stimulation come from?

Electro Stimulation is not in fact all that new! It has long been used in the field of physiotherapy, both for rehabilitation after injuries and readapting to regular exercise. Imagine that you had to wear a cast on your leg for several months; it would prevent you from exercising. You would certainly lose some strength in your muscles and afterwards, would need to rebuild the strength.

Well, that is why electro stimulation is useful: it generates electrical impulses that cause your muscles to work passively.
Electro stimulation in physiotherapy, applied to a single muscle group – for example rebuilding muscles in your leg – electrodes are applied in some key points on your leg to reach the electrical pulse sent by the machine, and the muscles would work without moving.

How EMS Fitness Norwich use the Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

When we apply the Electro Stimulation into fitness training or into a full body workout, we are applying the same method to different parts of your body at the same time. The Electro Stimulator vest has electrodes which target different body parts: pectorals, abdominals, high, middle and lower back. Also, we include straps around your arms, legs and buttocks to stimulate all big muscle groups in your body.
When we want to make a movement, our brain sends a message to our muscle: this message travels around our nervous system as an electrical impulse until your muscle, where the fibres receive the message and make the movement. By using the Electro Stimulation it bypasses this message having to be sent and forces the muscle to move: the message or electrical stimulus has been sent form the machine and arrives directly to your muscle, this is what we call “passive training”.

But… Am I working out while I wear the Stimulation vest?

YES, because what we aim to do in the Electro Stimulation session is to combine ‘passive training’ we get using the EMS machine and ‘active training’, that we make ourselves. At the same time that our muscles get stimulated from the machine, we also want to make our muscles work voluntarily. It is in combining these two methods of training we create a doubly intense workout and that is why the sessions are only 20 minutes long.

Now you know how electro stimulation works, do you want to try it?

Visit out website: EMS Fitness Norwich


Want to shape up for summer?

Want to strip body fat?

Looking for lean, sleek and toned muscles?


Then you need a 6 WEEK BLITZ!!


The ultimate 6 week package for a complete body makeover includes:


*An initial consultation

*2 Boot Camp classes per week for 6 weeks.

*1 personal training session per week for 6 weeks.

*Nutritional support.

*Full email and telephone/text support from two of the most highly qualified and experienced personal trainers in the area.

*Final consultation.


All this for only £150, THAT’S JUST £25 PER WEEK…and why not half the cost and share it with a friend? Just £75 each for this awesome package!!


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My Boot Camps!

I run a fun and friendly fitness Boot Camp – every Monday evening 19:00pm-20:00pm

For just £4 I will push you to the limit and help you get fit and set you up for the weekend or get your energy levels up for the week ahead.

The best news is that if it’s your first time – it’s FREE!

One of my regular Boot Camp attendees Liam, says:

“Xavi’s Boot Camps are brilliant! Sure he will push you to the limit – but when you finish you actually feel great! Come and give it a go, for a few quid it’s well worth it. Just don’t be late or he’ll punish us!”

So what are you waiting for? Let me know if you want to join my Boot Camp and contact me!

See you soon!