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Boost your fitness, vitality and overall body strength with a bespoke personal training schedule from Xavi Gomez! You’ll see quick results to power your overall development and help you achieve your goals.

Nutritional Advice


It’s no secret that nutrition is one of the key components of fitness training. Want to change your food habits and master your emotional or personal hurdles to develop a diet that works for you? Speak to Xavi Gomez.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training

EMS training is an innovative new approach to fitness training – the perfect system for clients with a busy, demanding life. Just 20 minutes per session gets you a complete, whole body workout.

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Fitness Classes

We run a range of HIIT and bootcamp classes from our Norwich studio. Join our community and exercise with your friends!

xavier gomez personal trainer norwich

Xavier Gomez

Hola! My name is Xavier Gomez and I’m a personal trainer based in Norwich, originally from Spain. I am excited to support and guide you to achieve your fitness, health and weight loss goals!

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EMS Fitness Norwich has moved! Welcome to our brand new studio! 😍

Here are just a few of the new things we’re super excited about in our new gym space…

💪 Tons of new equipment!

🚀 Waaaaay more space - there’s so much room for activities!

🥵 New cardio area with new machines for working up a sweat

❗️ Fully private EMS room with brand new equipment

✅ 2 new treatment rooms with tons of space

💅  Fully refurbished throughout including shower, changing rooms, etc.

And, if that’s not enough… check out this amazing mural wall, all painted by a local artist! 🤩 @byalicottrell

🤫 Well, we’re sure you’ve all seen some of the sneaky peeks and behind the scenes of our new space on our stories over the past few days…

But now we’re finally in and ready to open the doors properly! 🙀

Welcome to EMS Fitness’ new studio: 3 Ropemakers Row 😍

We’re so excited and we can’t wait to welcome you all in person very soon…

Stay tuned to see some of the things about our new space that we’re most excited about! 🤩

💕 Appreciation post! 💕

We just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to our old location in ABC Wharf on King Street, and to everybody who’s trained and laughed with us there and made these last 4 and a half years absolutely fantastic!

🥰 We’ve had such an amazing time being a part of such a great local community of businesses and people!

😍 We strive to help every member towards their fitness goals, getting people fitter, stronger, healthier or feeling better within themselves! And we’re so proud of everybody who’s let us join them on their fitness journey – it’s been a privilege to work with you all and we’re in awe of the effort you’ve all put in. 💪

Now we’re able to look forward to moving to our new location, we just wanted to appreciate our old location and all the good times we’ve had there.

🤩 We’re so excited to show you around… 🤩


Postnatal EMS: Training for New Mums🤰🏋️

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a revolutionary style of training that offers full body workouts in only 20 minutes.  ⚡🔌

But what’s specifically beneficial about EMS training for new mums? The 3 key benefits are:

✔️ Strengthens your pelvic floor

Because EMS training targets deep muscle tissue, it can strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth, meaning a real reduction of postnatal pelvic floor weakness.

✔️ Tones abdominal muscles quickly and safely

The abdominal muscles often suffer the most during pregnancy. Your abdominal muscles lengthen and separate over the course of your pregnancy – not to mention the pressure put on them during the birthing process.

✔️ Super quick workout – only takes 20 minutes

If there’s one thing that new mums can never have enough of, it’s time! Luckily, an EMS workout only takes 20 minutes. You can even bring your new baby to our private, boutique studio.

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